What is Datumesh
Datumesh, as the infrastructure of technological value interconnection blockchain, provides a series of feasible paths for technology and function exploration and early realization of data sharing.

Datumesh has advantaged advantage for data storage and sharing, skillfully using block chain technology, node according to the time sequence generated block in unit time, and then to the safety of the decentralized distributed storage, not only guarantee the security of the data, also successfully completed the decentralization, to a certain extent, to avoid the low efficiency of the mass data processing, data industry breakthrough.

With the help of Datumesh, users can find and call the required data on the Shared network at any time and any place, and do not need to synchronize the irrelevant data on other chains in the centralized data network, in other words, to achieve higher efficiency and more convenient transmission.

The solution

Datumesh solves the problem of sharing all user identity attributes by building a public chain of ecological data sharing. At the same time, all industry problems are solved by compressing the cost of data retrieval and data storage, and finally data sharing is realized.

Blockchain itself is a decentralized database that guarantees ownership and privacy even after the owner and store of data information are separated. It returns the control of the data to each node completely, and stores, transfers and shares the network data through these distributed nodes.

The most prominent feature of blockchain is the distributed large ledger, which combines the decentralized algorithm of cryptography and advanced mathematics to realize decentralization and consensus. The storage of a traditional database corresponds to the transaction journal in a small database embedded within a blockchain. At the same time, blockchain actively absorbs mature database sharding technology and continuously improves the generalization level of transactions between sharding.

Technical solution

Through DAG consensus structure and Byzantine fault tolerance, IPFS interplanetary file system, URI reuse, LOD publishing and RDF link mechanism data interconnection and zero knowledge proof, Datumesh has solved the existing data sharing industry standards incompatibility, low cost efficiency and low security, and the pain points and limitations of strong mediation intervention.

DAG structure and Byzantine fault tolerance reduce the cost of data storage on the chain and improve the efficiency through directed acyclic network and algorithm mechanism. On the basis of such consensus, Datumesh adopts IPFS interplanetary file transfer system to realize distributed point-to-point data sharing, thus eliminating the intervention of centralization and mediators. The process of data transmission overcomes the problem of standard incompatibility and reduces storage cost through URI reuse, LOD publishing and RDF link mechanism data interconnection. The zero-knowledge proof of cryptography also solves many security problems in the process of data transmission and sharing and improves the construction module of the privacy system.

Cross link communications

In view of the island state of the original blockchain cross – chain communication, we currently take the concept verification of cross – chain communication.

We have comprehensively studied the side chain technology represented by Blockstream and the Relay technology represented by btc-relay, and absorbed the attention paid to asset transfer by early cross-chain technology and the consideration of current project to the status of transfer chain. In view of the limitations of blockchain itself, we actively promoted improvement and innovation, continued to adopt the two-way anchor and smart contract in the early cross-chain technology, and granted different labor division and status to each node.

Through the comprehensive application of side chain and repeater mode cross chain communication, notary mechanism cross chain communication and hashed lock cross chain communication, we have realized cross chain asset transfer, bank of cargo handling, asset lien and general cross chain contract.



Working mechanism

Through DAG consensus structure and Byzantine fault tolerance, IPFS interplanetary file system, URI reuse, LOD publishing and RDF link mechanism data interconnection and zero knowledge proof, Datumesh has solved the existing data sharing industry standards incompatibility, low cost efficiency and low security, and the pain points and limitations of strong mediation intervention.

DAG structure and Byzantine fault tolerance

The DAG structure and the Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus algorithm provide a good and solid foundation for data sharing on the Datumesh common chain.

IPFS interplanetary file transfer system

The IPFS interplanetary file transfer system will change the nature of the sharing mechanism of network data, and a new open sharing Internet cloud will come.

RDF Link mechanism

RDF connectivity enables data sharing in ubiquitous, distributed, and linked Web networks, solving the problem of sharing all user identity properties.


Incentive and Token issuance mechanism

In order to realize the payment on the chain, the Datumesh foundation has issued a total of 10 billion Datumesh based pass DTMT, which is the only payment medium of Datumesh. Meanwhile, it also ACTS as a node incentive synchronous with Datumesh to promote the increase of Datumesh consensus block. Future applications on Datumesh will also be more inclined to use Datucion to complete the payment operations.

Global private placement 32.75% : the Datumesh development team has reported to the Estonian government that it plans to raise funds publicly from communities, partners and investors around the world for a maximum one-year lock-up period.

Founding team and developer 15 percent: in the allocation mechanism, we reserve 20 percent as a reward for the founding team and developers. This part will be in a locked position, which will be distributed gradually over three years after the initial release of 8 percent, and encourage the team and developers to continue their efforts.

The foundation reserves 32.25% : the Datumesh foundation will be used to construct and maintain the ecological community of Token in the world and plan for the long-term reasonable development of Datumesh.

20 percent ecological leadership and community building: this part will be used for the ecological and community building in the process of Datumesh building, mainly to reward participants who have made contributions and improve the incentive mechanism.

another one

An economic system with two tokens

More advanced and rigorous certificate economy

  • The POR token system that will be developed later is designed to establish space for data communication and storage on a data sharing network. On this basis, Datumeh proposed the exclusive token system independent from POR, called DTMT. DTMT also has a controllable upper limit on the number of processes that use storage space into the network. We will establish and adjust interest rates between DTMT and POR based on the unilateral effects of the market. In the Dapp of the application layer and user experience layer, customers can choose to use POR to buy DTMT, or use DTMT to buy POR. Thus, the value of Datumesh Token will continue to rise at this time when the market estimates that POR will continue to decline. In this way, hedge can be realized in a sense to guarantee the stability of their own interests.

Token Sale

The foundation prepares to token the certificate related detailed information.

  • Token Name DTMT
  • Total Token 10,000,000,000
  • Private Sale start 2018.10.10
  • Private Sale end 2018.11.15
  • Total Private Sale 3,275,000,000
  • The proportion 1:100500
Position ranking

In order to enhance the cohesion of the community, we will open a warehouse holding feedback plan. In addition to the locked warehouse address of the project, we will rank and award positions according to the number of positions held. The data will be updated once a week

Position ranking
Download documents

Datumesh documents

Read the Datumesh documentation for details about the project.

DTMT intelligent contract audit report
Road Map


The timeline of Datumesh related plans

2018 Q4
  • Technical architecture
2019 Q1
  • Start supporting application scenarios that combine the Internet of things and blockchain.
2019 Q2
  • Support more underlying cloud services
  • Publish the open chain access protocol
2019 Q3
  • Develop and provide decentralized marketing services for Datumesh applications and components
  • Together with Datumesh's ecological partners, an infrastructure based on Token economy services is established
Meet The Team


The Datumesh project team introduced

Kelly Ibeabuchi

MSc in International Business,  Boston University,Has strong media marketing, information management, supplier management and risk management capabilities, has served as a Viper Consulting business consultant.

Szekelyhidi Csaba
Senior legal Advisor

Blockchain Investor. He is involved in blockchain since 2016 and participated in projects from their early stages. He has expertise in social media promotion, community building and establishing top notch marketing campaigns. He is also an investor, and love projects with strong technical background.

Korondy Tamas

A master’s degree in finance from Budapest Business School, he has accumulated strong managerial and financial skills during his career and worked for Via Appia Nova.


Veszer Zoltan

Strategic planning manager, blockchain expert, as a consultant for several companies engaged in the blockchain industry to establish and execute crossover strategies and invest. Such as Viddo,HashPowerCapital, forest,etc


Ladanyi Gabor
Chief Technical Adviser

20 years experience in Industrial Automation , 15 years in Software Quality, worked for Siemens, evopro,  evosoft. Studied in Hungary, Germany and Switzerland. During his career he had gained experience in project management and team leading.

Gyertyanagi Tamas

MBA (Master of Business Administration) University of Edinburgh Business School,Rockpool Investments LLP(LOndon)/The Scottish Investment Trust PLC,Managed budget for the organization to influence organization’s financial profitability.


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Datumesh foundation is an independent legal entity, which follows its own operation model and management structure, is responsible for managing the issuance and distribution of tokens, and meets the interests of Token holders, and constantly urges the development of extensible functional systems. The foundation will also be consulted by professionals and will be ready to respond to changes in management practices and laws and regulations.